Private Client Intermediaries & Banks

Acquiring and retaining clients within a working relationship that works for all parties is fundamentally what we are about.

There is an increased responsibility for making that relationship work where the client has been introduced as a result of a referral by an intermediary.

We have a long tradition of working with professional firms around the world who are seeking an administrator of fiduciary services that can both promise and deliver true independence of thought. Whilst we will not compromise our formal role in whatever fiduciary structure we are asked to run, we acknowledge that the primary relationship is with the intermediary firm.

With senior staff having long standing experience of private clients from Scandinavia, the Middle East and India sub continent as well as those who are resident but non domiciled in the UK, we have a number of core strengths upon which you can rely.

Our final promise to the intermediaries with whom we work is that we do not give advice. We have seen many situations before and that level of knowledge will guide our actions and prompt us to seek advice where required. Formal advice, however, comes from those with the professional qualifications to give it. Where required we have a wide range of firms to call on, from many specialist fields.

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"Our relationship with Capco has been faultless, as has your performance"

Former superyacht owner and client