High-Net-Worth Individuals & Families

There are a variety of reasons why your family might benefit from working with us. A number of these are mentioned below, but the list is not exhaustive and you may well have some reasons of your own.


A statement regularly used when referring to wealthy families and one we encounter often. Whatever ownership structure is recommended by your legal, accounting or tax advisors we co-ordinate the management of your financial assets so you only need one point of contact.



Life is not predictable and there are likely to be peaks and troughs along the way. We are experienced in running structures for families, some with purely philanthropic aims and others that are intended to provide for others. Be it elderly and incapacitated, the young and vulnerable or simply those, who, for whatever reason, need someone else to be responsible for their financial affairs.



Should you be the founder or the inheritor of a family business there are compelling reasons to wish to see the business survive beyond the proverb of “from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations”. Legal structures are unlikely to withstand a concerted desire by family members to break apart, but strong corporate governance from the outset will set the tone and should lead to fewer costly struggles between family members.



Where family members have different nationalities, religions or tax obligations, complications can arise. Add to this having children and heirs living in different countries and it will often be advisable to use structures to make sense of it all. Our task is to administer, not advise, but running trusts, foundations and companies to implement professional tax advice is what we do.

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