Corporate Management

The formation and administration of companies incorporated in many of the world’s major offshore jurisdictions including Jersey, Cayman, BVI, Marshall Islands and more.

We provide directors and officers and arrange or provide statutory facilities. Capco administers the companies effectively to ensure that they fulfil the objectives identified by the client and their advisor. We take our responsibilities very seriously.

Incorporation of companies can be undertaken quickly and for some jurisdictions we have companies available for immediate use.

Our Services Include

  • Incorporation of the company
  • The administration of the company, holding
    meetings of the board, shareholders etc.
  • Fulfilling all statutory formalities
  • Bookkeeping and preparation of financial accounts
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of the structure on an
    ongoing basis
  • Management of the company assets
  • Payment of dividends

Types of Asset

Over the years Capco has developed a certain expertise in the management of many types of assets which are held within structures we administer.

These assets include:-

  • Commercial properties
  • Ships
  • Ship management companies
  • Private company shares
  • Royalties and copyrights
  • Media & advertising companies
  • Film rights

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