Ice Age Island Exhibition

Capco Trust is proud to be a main sponsor to the Ice Age Island project and exhibition taking place at the Jersey Museum from 25th October 2015 to 30 December 2016. The Ice Age Island project aims to discover more about Jersey’s rich Ice Age landscapes and histories through archaeological excavations and archive work. The exhibition brings together spectacular remains of Ice Age animals, on loan from the Natural History Museum, and iconic pieces of Ice Age Art borrowed from the British Museum, together with astonishing examples of the tools our ancestors made. Archaeologists from the UK working in Jersey have found the remains of a 15,000 year old hunter-gather settlement offering great views over landscapes now drowned by the English Channel. The site, called Les Varines, is located in the parish of St Saviour and has produced over 5,000 scattered stone artefacts during the past five years of excavation, but in the summer of 2015 the team unearthed denser concentrations of tools and burnt bone and, for the first time, fragments of engraved stone. These are currently under study in an attempt to unravel the significance of these unique finds.

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