About Us

Stability of ownership has been the dominant feature of Capco Trust, since it was created in 1977.

Those we work for like our independence as it allows us to work with banks, investment houses and professional intermediaries free from any conflicts of interest.

Capco has a totally transparent fee structure focusing on obtaining the best deal for clients. Capco believes in long-term relationships with clients and intermediaries. We strive always to work in partnership with them.

We operate from Jersey, but having been in the industry for around 40 years we have an extensive network of firms in different jurisdictions who can, where needed, work alongside us.

As an added comfort our Professional Indemnity cover is significantly higher than that imposed by regulatory requirements.


Service Delivery

Client Focus

We work to ensure that the structures are administered effectively. We are relentless in our pursuit for excellence in the service we deliver.


We seek to meet clients regularly to review their needs and ensure good communication with them.


Focus is placed on providing clear and effective accounting and reporting information in a timely manner.


We do not have a “one size fits all” mentality.


This is an insurance for clients and we focus on making this as easy as possible for clients while respecting its importance to all concerned.

Decision Making

Capco has short lines of communication. Your questions will be answered promptly.


Capco competes on service whilst providing value for money.